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I help small business owners create an online space that builds trust with their audience, engages with them, and sells your product or service.

Believe it or not a lot of people often get confused about the difference between branding and marketing. They don’t really know the specifics of each and which one is used to focus on growing their business.

Did you know the actual answer is both — marketing and branding help you grow your business. However, they have their own definition and place in building a business, but one can’t work well without the other.

But before you can use them together to grow your business, you need to first understand what each is and what role each plays in your…

If we have learned anything from social media, we have learned it’s a great place to connect with all sorts of people from all over the world. We can work with people in different states — hell even different countries. It’s a great way to sell your services and scale your business.

However, I hear way too many people state: “I don’t need a website — I run my business on Instagram, TikTok, Clubhouse, Facebook Groups., Pinterest” (you get the point).

This blog post is not me telling you to get off of them — it’s me giving you another…

Is your brand warm and welcoming or does it come off as cold and unappealing?

When visitors land on your homepage are they greeted with a stock image or a face behind the brand?

The truth is humans relate to, connect with, and trust other humans. They are less likely to trust a brand without a human-touch behind it.

Creating a personable website that consumers can trust and relate to is crucial. …

Every time I need a little inspiration for new clothing ideas, design ideas, event planning, hairstyles, etc…Pinterest is my go-to resource.

However, Pinterest is much more than just a source of inspiration. You can use it to market your business, drive traffic to your website, and increase sales…Crazy right?!

More than 200 billion pins have been saved on Pinterest. And 90% of weekly Pinners make purchase decisions on Pinterest . That’s a lot of engagement and great for potential site traffic. That’s why businesses and marketers need to be active on the platform.

So how can you use Pinterest to…

Our technology becomes more advanced as the years go by. It seems like every day there is something new being developed. Just look at where we were only 15–20 years ago. Anyone else remember the lovely sound of dial-up?

When my family first got internet if we were connected, we couldn’t use the phone…which my brother and I found useful when we were home alone; we would connect the internet so our mom couldn’t call us to give us more chores to do.

And now, we have access to literally anything in our pockets. If we need to look up…

As I sit here and stare at my screen and trying to gather my thoughts and feelings with everything going on in the world, there are three things that keep coming to my mind.

1. I’m absolutely heartbroken.

I’m heartbroken for George Floyd’s family. I’m heartbroken for each civilian family that has lost a loved one during these riots. I’m heartbroken for the families of the cops that have been killed during these riots. It breaks my heart that there is so much hate in this world.

2. I’m fucking pissed off.

I am so pissed that some people can take a life and not even blink an eye…

What this change means for your marketing strategy.

If you haven’t heard, the latest buzz around Instagram is the removal of post likes in the U.S. Instagram has already tested out the removal of likes in seven countries.

How is Instagram likes changing?

It’s important to know that likes are not completely disappearing. They will be hidden to followers but users can still see how many likes they’ve received on a post.

When someone you follow (say…Jane Doe) likes someone else’s photo, it will say “liked by Jane Doe and others” under the post where the likes would normally appear. …

And five key tactics you should be implementing in your marketing strategy.

More and more consumers are getting more involved online. Digital marketing is important to your marketing strategy because it’s an immediate way to reach consumers. However, digital marketing is an ever-changing strategy so marketers must stay updated on the trends and be ready to adapt to the constant changes.

How so?

Once upon a time, posting content to social media was all you needed to grow a following. In just a few years, that method has been completely disrupted and customer interactions come at a price.

While some businesses are…

How this bad experience turned into a great lesson.

Hello, again my fellow Mediumers. It’s been a while since I last wrote. I left off by finally getting a job at an advertising agency. It was a huge risk by it being with a startup and I took a pretty heavy pay cut but even though it was risky I was so proud of myself for finally making it into the industry and so excited for that chapter of my life to begin.

Well…I’m here to tell you…it didn’t work out.

I Freaking Did It.

“Do Something Great neon sign” by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

For three years, I was told I wasn’t good enough, I didn’t have the skills or experience, and I just wasn’t the right fit. Even though at times, I believed those words myself, I kept working towards my career goal. I was determined to get to where I wanted to be.

If you have read my previous blogs, “I’ve Hit A Roadblock”, Your First Job Won’t Be Your Last, Learning To Let Go and When’s The Last Time You Really Felt Excited? then you know this has been a difficult road. …

Alicia Croci

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