Be Thankful For The Life You Live

Because it could be gone in a second.

July 18, 2018 — Table Rock Lake, MO

While my family and friends were enjoying a night on the lake people lost their lives not even 45 minutes away.

On July 19, 2018, 17 out of 31 people lost their lives due to a duck boat that capsized during a storm near Branson, MO.

Words cannot convey how heartbreaking this tragedy is. Families like mine, went out to enjoy the beauty Table Rock has to offer and now some will never be able to see it again, or to others, this tragedy will be what they remember about it.

In the saddest moments, we are reminded to live our lives to the fullest and appreciate every day.

Appreciate Every Moment You Have

Life may not always go as planned but that’s what makes it an adventure. We get so caught up in our everyday lives we forget to focus on what matters and lost sight of those around us.

We all have bad days, I get that. Some of us might be stuck in a job they hate or going through a terrible divorce. Or maybe just not living the life they dreamed of.

So if you get anything out of this article please to do this:

Forget about all your stress and worries for 5 minutes and squeeze your loved ones a little harder next time you see them.

Pay it forward and buy the person’s coffee behind you in line.

Spread love and happiness to those around you, you may never know who really need you to say hi and smile at them.

Take a moment of silence and appreciate your life. Be thankful you have another day on this beautiful planet. Because there are so many people out their that lose their lives in a second and don’t have a second chance to do things over or make it right.

July 20, 2018 — Table Rock Lake, MO


Thank you for reading!

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