This is a great article with a lot of useful information and references of photographers. My one main point, which comes from a conceptual idea, on color photography is sometimes when you shoot, you don’t actually get the image you physically see. It depends on what your eyes pick up compared to what the mechanical device picks up and then it makes you question which on is actually reality. Or when you process color film, that’s another story sometimes the colors can come out warmer or cooler than the actual image seen by the human eye. However with black and white, you strip away the color and focus on the context of the image.

As a photographer, I personally shoot in both black and white and in color. My decision also depends on the equipment I am using and I make sure my choice has a purpose. Most of documentary work is done in black and white because I am generally inspired or tying the work into something historical.

However when it comes to client work or fashion/commercial, I use color because I can manipulate the photo to make the subject pop out.

The beauty of photography, is that is has advanced so much from something so simple like a pinhole camera to mirror-less cameras that you have unlimited sources to captures something truly beautiful.

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